How come we see the radio staff in town while we can hear their voices on the air?

For the same reason that one person can operate the station: automation. All the weather, news, and sports, as well as the bulletin board are recorded before they are aired.


I have a favorite radio program that you don’t air. Would you add it?

If we hear it and like it, we will add it.


Is your station Lutheran or Baptist or some other denomination?

No, we serve all the Christian churches of Bristol Bay. We do receive financial support from the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, but the AFLC has always worked alongside many other churches and denominations, laying aside denominational distinctives to further the greater need of proclaiming the Gospel.


What is the future for KAKN?

We would like to get translators into Igiugig and eventually throughout Lake Iliamna. We would like to do more live programming (once enough staff are in place). We would like to use the station to train radio workers and missionaries before they go to other places where they are needed.


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